Local Internet Marketing & Web Design Solutions that yield BIG Results!

We have only one goal in mind – To help your business INCREASE Revenues and be more PROFITABLE through effective Online Marketing and Sales.

What type of business will benefit from our custom Local Internet Marketing  Solutions?


Local Businesses are not taking advantage of the numerous opportunities they have to use their online presence to attract NEW customers and build loyalty with CURRENT customers.  A few tweaks here and there can produce amazing RESULTS.

 We are looking for Business Mavericks who:

  • Are fiercely independent
  • Don’t go along with the crowd
  • Want to increase their revenue and profitabilty on a limited budget
  • See the value in encouraging customer loyalty and referrals
  • Want to leverage the power of the Internet & Digital Technologies without wasting a lot of time

If this is YOU, we can help your business grow in revenue and profits beyond your most aggressive goals.  Whatever your current situation, whether you have a website that doesn’t produce the revenue you desire and needs to be optimized or you want to launch a new revenue producing cost-effective website, we have the Local Internet Marketing Program for YOU!  We can even answer your questions about Twitter and Mobile Marketing for Local Businesses.

Call today for a no obligation information package on how you can Leverage the Power of Intenet Marketing without spending a lot money.

Call Keith Pugmire at (801) 571-5040 or email us at kep@bpicpa.com.